The Charm of Small Towns……. Kingston, Ga.

          I love small towns.  I grew up on Andy Griffith reruns thus the allure of a small town with everyone knowing everyone (which could be good OR not so good) is endearing.  I love road trips meandering off the beaten path and coming upon a small town.  Sometimes the towns are still very vital— with town squares and quaint shops.  Historic homes usually nested about the side streets (think Eufaula, Ala, Madison, Ga and a host of many others….).   Then there are the ones who, maybe for whatever reason have been off the beaten path for too long, and maybe are just sitting…..waiting.  Waiting for someone to come in and love it again.   Open up a restaurant or two….restore and maintain the historical aspect of the buildings….. turning something old into something new.  The promise of a new beginning.  And then some.
          This is Kingston.   A quaint wonderfully historic small town.  Nestled between Rome, Cartersville and Barnsley Gardens, Kingston is on the cusp of being a rock star of small towns again.  Surrounded by quaint historic cottages  and some very well-kept Victorians, Kingston is a blue jay egg about to be hatched (I love blue jay eggs….their color and the promise of a furry chick…but I digress…..).
          Historic Kingston has the shiny star in the making which is the DeSoto Hotel.   A new restaurant is about to open as well, a ‘meat and three’ kind of place.  I believe it will be called The Kingston Cafe.  There’s a small grocery store and a few other interesting shops.  Claim to fame for Kingston is that in the 1800s the railroad split here and of course then there was Sherman.  Yes THAT Sherman. Ahem.  As I stood the other night among the NW Georgia Paranormal Society who had come to see what sort of spirits they could find (which they did)…..  I had the complete and utter pleasure of a large train chugging along, as I then realized there were 2 tracks in front of me….one of which I was standing on as another large locomotive lumbered from the other direction.  Yikes.  I’ve always wanted to hop on board (remember the hobos of my youth or Huck Finn.. … ) and see just where it would take me.  Of course I would want a martini as I watched the scenery roll by….  (that will be another story…..perhaps another time….).
:::::cell phone ringing:::::::”Um…Ok. So……  on a whim I hopped aboard a very slow-moving locomotive…. it was on my bucket list…. yes…I have no idea where I am…. I did however have a few martinis packed just in case such a thing would present itself….. yes….. I  may be in another state at this point….so um….Ok….so…can you come get me?”: ::::wrinkling nose and looking sheepish::::::::: “:please? hello?”
          As the NW Ga Paranormal Society moved to Sherman’s old headquarters just a hop skip and jump from the town — Sherman used the house while  he was visiting (burning) our neck of the woods in the Kingston area….. an old white farmhouse…..complete with super cool things like a buggy in the back barn, the cooks house (complete with the tiniest bed in very good condition) and then of course my favorite — the old copper and wooden framed bathtub (urge to try it out overwhelming) in the house.  Hm………. just super cool things for this history loving gal.  I want to crawl under the house to see just oh whatever I can find. Ok?
          In October there will be The Kingston Krypt —  a super creepy haunted house in one of the old buildings……  Oh yes!!!!!
          Find Kingston….. meander down a road to see where it leads…..  perhaps you’ll have a serendipitous moment.

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